5 Reasons you must read the Holy Bible

With around 8 billion peoples around the world, almost 4 billion copies of the Holy Bible is being sold .We don’t buy a book for no reason. The Bible of more value to everyone. It’s said that we can find answers to all our problems, in the Bible, and its true. If you want to rewire your life to the betterment, something better than today then start reading the Bible everyday. Still if you need some reasons to start, then here are 5 reason that you might find useful to keep you motivated in your hardships.


1. Makes our life Better:

Living a life of our own doesn’t make your life any better than today. But through Bible we will clear out minds and start focusing on things that really matter. Things that can make us happy for no reason. We will start looking into our relationship with our family, friends, or anyone we love. This eventually makes our lives better. Many of us think ourselves more busy that we cannot spare some time to read the Holy Bible. I was there too, we give all the other stuffs a high priority than reading the Bible. And that helps us makes excuses to not read the Bible that day. The Wonderful truths in the Bible will help us out our struggles and hardships, making us feel a lot more better.


2. Keeps us away from any Sin/Distraction:

The Bible will flood you with knowledge about what’s Good and Bad so you will never stumble upon a wrong path. Or if you are enslaved to a sin at present and you really need to get rid of it, then God is your only way. Seek God and he will speak to you through his scripts. The Bible teaches us about the consequences of doing a sin, and how it will affect our life. And the Bible also speaks the answer to these, it tells us how to repent from one’s sin. Thinking to get rid of the sin and never trying, will distract our thought and actions, hence making ourselves less productive. The Bible is filled with a lot of experience of so many sinners who made their way out of it. With God’s words and with your will you can break any sin or distraction, that you are in right now. By getting ourselves out of this we will start getting close to God and our lives starts changing. Obey the words of God and forsake Sin or Evil.


3. Start spending your time Wisely:

Being busy doesn’t mean we are productive or fruitful. Being Productive is to do the things that are of most importance to us. As we have seen reading the Bible must be our first preference in the morning. My Mom used to say, start your day with God and he will take care of everything for that day, he will guide you in his path. And that’s absolutely true. When we believe God takes care of our day then he will guide you wisely. In the Bible God has helped many make the right choice for their betterment. And he will do the same for you too, once you start to value him and start spending some time with him. Starting your day with a distraction will collapse the flow of that day. Start it with love and faith towards God. Time is valuable and we cannot have it back at any cost. So, spend your first hour of the day with the God and He will guide you the rest of the day. And this is called spiritual discipline. I remember Mike Tyson says these exact words in one of his interview that, “Discipline is doing what you hate to do but do it like you love it”. I was really moved after hearing this. He said that a person without discipline even falls in a slightest struggle. Discipline yourself to God and start reading the Bible, and see the wonders happen.


4. Make us more Courageous:

The world would hit hard on everyone. Many stumble without proper advice or guidance. But that’s when the legend and heroes rise, we don’t need a super power to be special, we need to understand how life works and how to overtake it. The Bible tells us how to be courageous and face the world in our down times. God doesn’t want us to fall back like others do. He want’s us to be special. We will be ready to face any situation without fear, God will guide us through any situation with ease through his scriptures (The Bible). It teaches us how a Shepard David was able to defeat the Giant, Goliath or how Gideon, thinking himself as a weak but was able to defeat Israelite’s enemies with God’s guidance. We must believe that God is in hold of us and he will never forsake us. When you start realizing this truth you will start facing each situations with great courage. Once we start to face things, they vanish to no where. Your are Courageous than most of them out there.


5. To know more about God himself:

Out of all this one is the very reason you must start reading the Bible. We surely won’t love anyone we are unaware of, or someone we barely know. And that’s exactly why we need to know who God is and how much he really love us. We all fail to understand that there is one above us all watching over us and loving us more than anything. God doesn’t leave anyone to astray, he will always be with us. He said even if there are thousands falling by your side, ten thousand by your right hand, nothing will harm you. God created us on this world with a sole purpose for each one of us, it’s only to prosper you and not to harm you. It would be great for you to know more about him yourself by reading the Bible. If you don’t have a reading habit try to start reading the Bible everyday. You will reap its benefits and also develop a reading habit in the future. Unless you start spending some time on something you won’t stick to it. All these benefits are interrelated to each other, gaining one will result in reaping all the benefits of the others that’s how reading Bible is very important to each one of us. The Holy Bible is always something most of read but still many of us fail to understand it. I know its hard to understand everything at first. But once you read with all your heart God will surely help you understand it. Always give thanks to the God, for all the things he has provided you, for the life you live, for the food you eat. Be grateful to our God.

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